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Puy du Fou voted Best Theme Park

Tbe French theme Park Puy du Fou has been voted “Best Theme Park in the World” at the Thea Award Ceremony of the “International Asssociation of Amusement Parks and Attractions” in Los Angeles.

The Vendée park, is to be found between La-Roche-sur-Yon and Angers, was chosen ahead of 700 parks in 40 countries. This is not a typical theme park with hair raising rides, but we thoroughly enjoyed the spactular “arena shows” which the park puts on to tell the history of the Vendeen region. Visitors can watch performances starring Roman gladiators, swashbuckling musketeers, marauding Vikings and fantastic swooping birds.Puy du Fou Roman Gladiators

We all had a different favourite show but they are all fantastic and well rehearsed.There is a new show this year to celebrate the parc’s 35th Anniversary and I believe this show will feature acrobatics on horseback !  There is also, of course, the famous night show at the park, “la Cinescenie”, which features numerous horses and a cast of hundreds.

We loved this park and visited from the La Garangeoire campsite in the Vendee – an easy hour’s drive away. You can also visit from the Loire campsites that feature on our website at :

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Farm Visits in Pays de Loire

If you’d like to visit or stay in a Gite on a farm or a vineyard in the Pays de Loire region this year then please have a look at this website. I found it while trying to track down the excellent Vendeen wine from Domaine de la Vieilee Riboulerie which we tried this year ! I found the vineyard but havent discovered yet if you can buy the wine in the UK !

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Velo Rails !

We tried out the local Velo Rail at Commequiers while on holiday in the Vendee. There are a number of Velo Rails throughout France and they were developed to make use of railway tracks which were no longer needed. To find out if there is one near where you are holidaying have a look at

We enjoyed our trip through the Vendeen countryside and as it was mostly under trees we were sheltered from the heat of the afternoon sun. However, be warned ! We were given two and a half hours to travel the 10 kms to Coex and the 10kms back. At Coex, the velo carriage can turn on the turntable. However we didnt make it as far as Coex… It would be easy to blame the elderly travellers in front but in fact I don’t think we could have made the journey in that time without an Olympic effort. And in High Season you get even less time for the journey. So, what you have to do to return to Commequiers is to lift the whole velo carriage off the track and turn it ! The same is the case if you meet a carriage travelling in the opposite direction – the one travelling from Coex has priority ! We struggled as a group of four to lift the carriage so if you are travelling as a couple of adults, unless you are very strong, you would have to hope you meet at least two strong adults travelling in the opposite direction… (you could pay extra to have a four hour trip but I think you would still find you had to lift the vehicle off the track…)

So, if you try out a Velo Rail, enjoy your trip but make sure and find out a bit more about it beforehand or you may become a case of “The next train to Commequiers is half an hour late !”

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Update on Situation in Southern Vendee after the Xynthia Storm flooding

If you are worried about whether the area you are planning to holiday in the Vendee is still being affected after the Xynthia Storm and flooding earlier this year, then please have a look at this website :

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Marine at Les Sables D’Olonne, Vendee devastated by the storm

The marina at Les Sables D’Olonne in the Vendée was devastated by the storm at the weekend. Three pontoons of yachts were damaged with one lot of yachts from Pontoon G entirely thrown onto the land.

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Repercussions after Vendée Flooding

The flooding at the weekend which affected Faute-sur-Mer and L’Aiguille Sur Mer both on the estuary of the Lay is being blamed on an unusually high tide combined with increased rain and wind.

In both villages, with inhabitants of 3 500 people between them, there are 27 dead, mostly elderly residents.

The President of the Republic, Nicolas Sarkozy, went there on Monday morning to support the bereaved families. He has asked the government to set up an inspection team to report back exactly what has happened.

Unfortunately, there was a report from 2007 which highlighted this risk of flooding. It was signed by Pascal Company, of the “direction départementale de l’équipement de Vendée” (I’m not quite sure what that is but sounds like a government agency !). He said “The vulnerability of coastal Vendée to coastal flooding is in no doubt,”.

The expert considered necessary to establish a plan of prevention of flood risks “in the estuary of Lay, where the combination of two phenomena – the rise of the Lay and marine flooding – could have a major impact on the populated areas to the rear of a network of aging levees. “The failure of levees would cause major damage to property and people,” he insisted. That’s exactly what happened in the night from Saturday to Sunday this weekend.

However local officials dispute this and say that the dams did not break but were overwhelmed. “Our levees were regularly maintained and in good condition”, says Alain Barraud, Deputy Mayor of The Aiguille Sur Mer.

The prefecture had told us with certainty that the sea would rise at least of 1 meter. We must understand that we are the victims of a small tsunami, the sea is coming by the point of Arçay and it is rose much higher than expected. This is why people were not evacuated before the storm.

The new prefect of Vendée, Jean-Jacques Brot said it is now up to parliamentarians and councillors, to undertake work on many dams Vendee and help plan dykes.
The total length of these dikes, the oldest of which date back to Colbert and the more recent period between the wars is around 1000 kilometers in Vendee and Charente-Maritime.
The sea formerly went to Niort but brutally reasserted itself at the weekende. There have been measures to try and avoid building in the coastal areas but also recently the Administrative Court in Poitiers gave the right to the inhabitants of Port-en-Ré to oppose the raising of a dam because it would deprive them of the views of the sea. Perhaps now these residents will think again.

So these are perhaps issues to be aware of if you are camping in coastal areas of the Vendee.

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Aiguillon Sur Mer, Sables-d’Olonne, La Flotte en Re in Vendee affected by Storm

Flooding affected Aiguillon Sur Mer, La Flotte en Re on Ile de Re to name but a few and damage has been sustained at Sables d’Olonne in the Vendee.


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France Declares Storm “Disaster”


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