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Puy du Fou voted Best Theme Park

Tbe French theme Park Puy du Fou has been voted “Best Theme Park in the World” at the Thea Award Ceremony of the “International Asssociation of Amusement Parks and Attractions” in Los Angeles.

The Vendée park, is to be found between La-Roche-sur-Yon and Angers, was chosen ahead of 700 parks in 40 countries. This is not a typical theme park with hair raising rides, but we thoroughly enjoyed the spactular “arena shows” which the park puts on to tell the history of the Vendeen region. Visitors can watch performances starring Roman gladiators, swashbuckling musketeers, marauding Vikings and fantastic swooping birds.Puy du Fou Roman Gladiators

We all had a different favourite show but they are all fantastic and well rehearsed.There is a new show this year to celebrate the parc’s 35th Anniversary and I believe this show will feature acrobatics on horseback !  There is also, of course, the famous night show at the park, “la Cinescenie”, which features numerous horses and a cast of hundreds.

We loved this park and visited from the La Garangeoire campsite in the Vendee – an easy hour’s drive away. You can also visit from the Loire campsites that feature on our website at :

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Motorhoming in France

If you are looking for some excellent places to stop for one night while motorhoming in France then have a look at the sites mentioned in

They are situated all over France and included places such as farms and vineyards.

The only requirement is for you to use Aires (motorway stopovers-see book below) to empty your septic tank and fill up with water as the France Passion sites do not offer these facilities.  And another “requirement” which I am sure you will willingly take part in is to buy and try out the local produce and specialities of the area.

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Learning French

In my French class today we listened to the “France Facile” ie “Easy French” news !
The website is
Its an excellent site. Apart from anything else it gives you a very extensive understanding of news events. However its also possible to look at the script of what they are saying, so that you can follow the French. So now we should all be able to hold a discussion about current affairs in French when we go on holiday !

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Beautiful Village France Travel App

The Beautiful Villages France app for iphone looks like a must-have if you are planning on holidaying in France next year.

It uses GPS to pinpoint where you are as you drive around and alerts you if there are any particularly nice villages nearby to visit. What a great idea !

To find out more click here :

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Indigo Campsites

Here are some lovely “back to nature” campsites in some lovely places in France including the Ile de Noirmoutier and Ile d’Oleron – “Indigo Campsites”.

Camping Indigo Website :
2010 Brochure :

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Le Quinze Aout

The traditional month of French holidays ends today and is commonly known as “Le Quinze Aout” or Assumption Day. This religious festival finishes the tradional month long French holidays which start on Bastille Day, the 14th July.

To hear a little more of the history of this festival and how it is often celebrated with fireworks, please listen to Lisa Jardine’s “Point of View” piece from Radio 4 which can be accessed from this webpage :

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The Seaside is still the Favourite Destination for French holidaymakers

French holidaymakers still prefer to holiday at the seaside, with 60% choosing it as a destination this year. The next most popular destinations are towns (19%) and the countryside (15%). Only 8% choose the mountains as their holiday destination, possibly as people think this might be too energetic a holiday ! And only 1% go on a wild camping/walking holiday. However if you really want to get away from the crowds, the mountains could be an excellent choice of holiday destination. During the very hot summer weather, you can expect a cooler night high up in the mountains so you might actually enjoy a good nights sleep after all that walking !

There are some excellent campsites up in the mountains, with beautiful swimming pools with mountain views. We will be reviewing some of these mountain destinations on our website at or if you would like to look at campsites in the meantime please look at

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Busiest Weekend for Holiday Travel in France

This weekend is expected to be the busiest weekend of the year for holiday travel in France. From Friday to Sunday 1.6 million travellers are expected through Parisian stations and 2,850 trains. The roads are expected to be very busy and drivers have been warned to make sure to take a break at least every two hours. And the Parisian airports are expecting 900,000 passengers from 30 July to 1st August !

The weekend is so busy as those who take their holidays in July, the “juilletistes” will be crossing paths with those who holiday in August, the “aoûtiens” !

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Channel Tunnel

If you are travelling via the Channel Tunnel to your French camping holiday this year then you might be very interested in this episode of “How do they Do It”

I couldnt believe that there are up to 500 trains and up to 50,000 passengers a day go via the tunnel !

The programme also tells you how escalators work !

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Farm Visits in Pays de Loire

If you’d like to visit or stay in a Gite on a farm or a vineyard in the Pays de Loire region this year then please have a look at this website. I found it while trying to track down the excellent Vendeen wine from Domaine de la Vieilee Riboulerie which we tried this year ! I found the vineyard but havent discovered yet if you can buy the wine in the UK !

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